Better Half Update!

in Life with Shari

Here is Donnie doing one of his favorite things lately.  He has gotten quite a bit of ink in the past 6 months.  lol  

Donnie is still fighting this horrible disease with everything he has.  I continue to say it's been a roller coaster.  Some months he seems stable, others he his clearly struggling.  

He had to close his business at the end of the year and tells everyone he is retired.  😆  He is applying for disability as his back has continued to deteriorate.  He had surgery in January to fill one of his compression fractures. It went as planned but didn't seem to help much with pain.  As I write this, he is having a much more invasive surgery to fix that compression fracture and remove some of a new tumor that is compressing his spinal cord in a different part of his spine.  

Anyone who has walked through or with someone with cancer knows how your perspective on life changes.  We continue to weather the storms that come with this battle with as much grace as we can.  I'm sure it doesn't always look like we are succeeding but we are giving it our best try!  😆  Today the hospital staff is making it very hard to have any kind of grace at all.  Not to mention my ADULT children.  😆 Tempers are short on days like this... 🤷‍♀️😆

We are praying that this surgery will relieve much of the pain he is having so he is able to enjoy life as much as possible.  And we continue to laugh as much a we can!  


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