Finding Purpose in the Pain or Anxiety

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Anxiety was something I never truly experienced much in my life until the last several years. It is an incredibly difficult thing to live with. And we all have tips and tricks we use when we feel anxious. For those of you who have anxiety today, I pray for you. For those of you who struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, I pray for you.
Although I never struggled with daily anxiety, I have struggled with daily chronic pain. For years one of the things I would cry out to God with was, "WHY!?!"
Why me?
Why is it every day?
Why is it so bad?
Why do you allow this to happen to so many?
Why don't you take it away?
I can imagine many people feel this way about all kinds of struggles in their life. I'm sure anxiety is one of those struggles.
Many years ago I came to an understanding about my chronic struggle. Someone said, "Why not you?" That statement stunned me. And it changed my perspective. Chronic pain helps me understand others who are struggling with pain. I can empathize with them in ways others have no way of understanding. I have learned how to have a life with chronic pain and in turn, help others who also have daily struggles.
I have been able to help other women who have had the same pain issues I have had (ex. endometriosis, migraines, back pain). I was able to help Donnie with some pain management tricks when he was having some of the more painful times of his cancer fight.
And the anger at God for my pain has become an understanding of what God allows me to do because of my pain. I'm constantly reminded that God may not have inflicted the pain on me, but he can help me use it for His purpose. This pain is not from God but from the fallen world. But with His help, I am able to help others.
Can anxiety be the same? For those of you with anxiety, is there a way to use it to help others? Are you still struggling with the whys? Do you have specific prayer requests related to your anxiety? Are you ready for a change in perspective?
I pray that you feel the peace of God's hand on your life. I pray that you learn new tips and tricks to help lessen your anxiety. And I pray you take this struggle and find a way to use it to help others who are also struggling.
Be Blessed my friends!


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