New Warehouse

in Life with Shari

We are using a new warehouse!! I am so excited to mix things up just a little bit!  

There are hundreds of new items loaded on the website right now! As much as I loved the previous warehouse, we were just needing something different. The new warehouse will have a little more variety of colors and prints as well as just MORE.  lol There will always be hot sellers that just sell out quick.  BUT, it wont be multiple items each day.  So I am hoping we all feel confident in shopping the website and taking our time selecting just the right items to add to our closet.  

EVEN more exciting is there is a larger variety of denim!! Go check out all the denim we have to offer you!!

Am I still missing your favorite thing??  Just tell me in the comments what you are looking for and I will see what I can find for you!! After all, you are never shopping alone!  You are Shopping WITH Shari! 




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