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Welcome to my blog...

Shop With Shari is more than just the clothes.  I do LOVE clothes, and shopping, and finding that perfect outfit that will make you feel comfortable and confident for whatever event you have.  Even more, I love helping YOU find those things!  

But Shop With Shari isn't JUST about the clothes! 

I believe we are meant to live in community.  We were made to thrive when we are surrounded by people. That doesn't mean you have to be a socialite.  I know not everyone likes to have people around all the time! Even I like my alone time and I am quite social.  But, we do all need contact and connection with others.  

But with the craziness of life, it's not always easy to find time to connect with our friends and family.  Thankfully, we have technology that helps us stay connected with our family and friends.  My family has a group text that kind of just goes on and on all the time.  We all have busy lives and live in 2 different states but we still keep up with the day to day through texting.  

Technology also gives us social media.  We all know there are some really negative things about social media.  There is A LOT of negative.  But, I have also kept up with friends and family through technology as well.  Watching videos of my great nieces and nephews, seeing posts from past co-workers and students is a joy in my life.  When we can't physically be there, it does help to stay connected.  

Many of my shoppers have gathered on Facebook in a group called Shari's Diva Dots.  We have shared our lives with each other and become friends. I am blessed to have been able to get to know these amazing women.  We are all different, with different backgrounds, different beliefs, and different stye preferences.  But those differences are celebrated, as they should be.  We live life in color, not black and white.  In the Diva Dots group we only support each other through our life's ups and downs.  We celebrate the highs and support each other in the lows.  

My hope is that this blog is an extension of that group.  I hope you all enjoy a few rambling words from me and share a few of your own.  I hope that you find new friends or at least a few people you can relate to in the responses.  

Please use this post as a place to introduce yourself.  Tell me something you love about shopping or fashion and then tell us a few things you like about yourself.  

And of course, 

Happy Shopping!



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